I have placed a postscript copy of my book Semi-Simple Lie Algebras and their Representations, published originally by Benjamin-Cummings in 1984, on this site the publisher has returned the rights to the book to me, you are invited to take a copy for yourself.

The full text in one postscript file.

The full text in one pdf file.

The corresponding dvi file.

Preface, Table of Contents, Bibliography, Index 1

Chapter 1 SU(2)

Chapter 2 SU(3)

Chapter 3 The Killing Form

Chapter 4 The Structure of Simple Lie Algebras

Chapter 5 A Little about Representations

Chapter 6 More on the Structure of Simple Lie Algebras

Chapter 7 Simple Roots and the Cartan Matrix

Chapter 8 The Classical Lie Algebras

Chapter 9 The Exceptional Lie Algebras

Chapter 10 More on Representations

Chapter 11 Casimir Operators and Freudenthal's Formula

Chapter 12 The Weyl Group

Chapter 13 The Dimension Formula

Chapter 14 Reducing Product Representations

Chapter 15 Subalgebras

Chapter 16 Branching Rules